Automatic Driving Lessons in Sheffield

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Hello Future Drivers!

Pass your tests with a our Automatic Driving Instructor in Sheffield!

Automatic Driving Lessons Sheffield




Local, fully qualified driving instructor in Sheffield providing great value manual & automatic tuition.


Automatic Driving Lessons in Sheffield cost £28 per hour.


We also have an electric car option!


Learning to drive in an automatic is a much easier route to passing your driving tests. No gears to contend with and 2 foot pedals rather than 3. You can keep your hands on the steering wheel and concentrate on the road ahead. Automatic cars suit many people for many reasons, you will make a great choice learning with us.


Automatic driving lessons in Sheffield with SuperDriver start at £27 per hour if you block book 10 hours or more, or £28 if you pay as you go. With an element removed you may find it quicker and easier to pass your driving tests. Whatever your level, whatever your reason, our automatic instructor in Sheffield will help you pass with professionalism and patience if required. We have 6 instructors delivering automatic driving lessons in Sheffield, all are fully qualified DVSA ADI's and are CRB checked. Our cars have dual controls so if something goes wrong, we can help you correct it. Call us and start with our Automatic Driving School in Sheffield. Text or call 07812377119. E-mail Or message us via Facebook.


SuperDriver has several automatic cars available - VolksWagon Golf, Suzuki Swift and Renault Zoe (fully electric).


Some people say that driving an automatic is easy, we would say easier. Call us to try it out. Whilst the use of the gears and clutch has been removed, there is still a lot to learn. Together we will help you through your tests and ensure you come through the learning process with skill and confidence so you can enjoy your driving safely for life.




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Automatic driving lessons in Sheffield


Your automatic car doesn't have a clutch pedal so select D for Drive, and when it's safe a bit of gas will get you moving. Without the worry of choosing and selecting the right gears, you can spend more time concentrating on your steering, forward planning and what your fellow road users might do.


You could pass faster in an automatic!

Automatic Driving Instructor in Sheffield


Our Automatic Driving lessons in Sheffield are for customers of all abilities. We teach beginners, people who have had some lessons, to those who have failed tests. Been banned? We can help with your retake test and extended tests. We also help full licence holders who might want a refresher or to broaden their skills. You may be a nervy driver, anxious or just the opposite. We are all different and we will help meet your needs. So, for intensive automatic driving lessons in Sheffield or if you want to pay as you go, give us a call.



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Automatic Driving School Sheffield


It was probably a difficult decision choosing to learn in an automatic. Automatic cars are often more expensive to buy, tax and run when you compare them to their manual equivalent. This is why driving lessons in an automatic are normally more expensive.


Also note, when you pass your test in an automatic, you can only drive an automatic until you have taken and successfully passed your driving test in a manual car. If you pass in a manual car, you can drive either. If you want to try driving a manual first, call us and we can discuss your options

Sit back, Relax, and let the Automatic do the hard work!


All automatic cars are different...

When you have passed your tests, buying the right car with the right gear box can be a difficult choice. The automatic gear box in cars have lots of different names. You will need to research them and find which manufacturer uses which gear box as they all work in different ways. Semi Automatic, Continuous Variable Transmission, Torque Converter and Dual Clutch Gearbox. Our automatic driving instructor in Sheffield will be able to help you understand the differences.