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Intensive and Weekly Automatic Driving Lessons in Hope Valley from SuperDriver Driving School

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Automatic Driving Instructor in Bamford, Baslow, Bradwell, Brough, Calver, Castleton, Edale, Eyam, Grindleford or Hathersage.


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Automatic Driving Lessons Hope Valley





INTENSIVE Automatic Driving Lessons in Hope Valley


WEEKLY Automatic Driving Lessons in Hope Valley



Your driving instuctor is called Ian, he could be your driving instructor. He has been instructing for over 10 years and has a pass rate over 80%. He will help you become the most confident of drivers adapting to your needs being patient if required or pushing you.


We can arrange intensive courses and weekly lessons for you. Call us for a price. Note, your lessons must start from Dore in Sheffield. It is the only way we can offer this service to customers in your area. It has worked for several years with our manual instructors in your area.


Call us and start with our Automatic Driving School in Hope Valley. For Automatic Driving Lessons in Hope Valley text or call 07812377119. E-mail Or message us via Facebook.

Call now for Automatic Driving Lessons in Bamford, Baslow, Bradwell, Brough, Calver, Castleton, Edale, Eyam, Grindleford or Hathersage.


Our Driving Instructor instructs customers of all levels. So if you are a beginner, had some lessons before, have failed previous tests, been banned and need to retake tests or extended tests, or perhaps if you just want a refresher or may be you have never driven an electric car before - call us. You may be nervous, anxious or just the opposite. We are all different and we will help meet your needs.


You can start your lessons sooner that you think if you already have a provisional driving licence. If you don't, apply here.



There's no need to buy Apps or PC DVDs. Included with your driving lessons is free access to Theory Test Pro in partnership with us. Click on the link above to complete free theory and hazard perception tests. To pass your theory test you need to answer correctly 43 out of 50 multiple choice questions. To pass the Hazard perception test you need to score at least 44 points. 82% of theory test pro users pass the theory test first time (UK average is 41%).

It was probably a difficult decision choosing to learn in an automatic.


When you pass in an automatic, you are restricted to drive automatics until you have successfully passed your driving test in a manual car. If you pass in a manual car, you can drive either. If you want to try manual first, call us and we can discuss your options.


Don't just learn to drive - be a superdriver!


Your lessons could be in our zero emission Renault Zoe. It doesn't have a clutch pedal so select D for Drive, sit back and feel the smooth electric engine increase your speed. Without the problem of choosing and selecting gears, you can concentrate on your steering, forward planning and consider what other road users might do.


Pass your test faster in an automatic!