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Manual and Automatic Driving Lessons in Barnsley from SuperDriver

Manual & Automatic Driving Lessons Barnsley





Professional, fully qualified driving instructors providing great value manual and automatic driving lessons in Barnsley and district



Do you know your MSM from your MSPSL? Do you know your LADA from your POM? Our driving instructor in Barnsley does. Contact SuperDriver and soon you will know the routines that will help you pass your test and be safe on our roads. Text or call 07812377119. E-mail Or message us via Facebook.


To start your driving lessons check you have valid provisional driving licence, and you can see the distance. Our driving instructors in Barnsley instruct all levels. From beginners, partially trained, those who have failed previous tests, been banned and need to retake tests or extended tests, or perhaps if you just want a refresher. We are experienced helping nervous and anxious customers and customers who just pick things up fast. We are all different and we will push you if we can, and be patient and understanding. Our driving instructor in Barnsley will assess your needs to deliver a professional training course tailored to your individual requirements.


We will transfer our knowledge to you in a quick, simple and easy way to help you pass your theory and practical driving tests and go on to be a safe confident driver. Call us now, ask questions and get your driving lessons in Barnsley started.


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Beginners get 3 FREE lessons* and FREE access to our theory website

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Take your driving lessons in Barnsley with us and there is no need to buy Apps or PC DVDs. Included with our training is free access to Theory Test Pro in partnership with us. Click on the link above to practice free theory and hazard perception tests. To pass your theory test you need to answer correctly 43 out of 50 multiple choice questions. To pass the Hazard perception test you need to score at least 44 points. 82% of theory test pro users pass the theory test first time (UK average is 41%).


When you have passed your theory test, you can book your practical test.

Driving Lessons in Barnsley



For a full driving licence take manual lessons with our driving instructor in Barnsley. It's the most popular choice and the lessons are cheaper. Check out our beginner offer. Beginners (no driving experience) 6 hours for £78*

(2x2 hour lessons & last 2 hours saved for the day of your test. Your final 3 hours are free! - manual cars only, lessons to be taken between 9am and 3pm on weekdays see t&cs).


Call us, let's discuss your training and answer your questions.

Automatic Driving School in Barnsley



Without the gears or a clutch life behind the wheel can be less stressful for your automatic driving lessons in Barnsley.


Note that automatic cars are often more expensive to buy, tax and run when you compare them to their manual equivalent. This is why driving lessons in an automatic are normally more expensive.


And when you pass your test in an automatic, you can only drive an automatic until you have taken and successfully passed your driving test in a manual car. If you pass in a manual car, you can drive either.


Consider your options carefully. It's not easy to pass in an automatic, it is easier.


What happens on my first driving lessons in Barnsley?


Relax. Our instructors have taught many people and we have seen everything and most of the problems are caused by Full Licence holders! We will pick you up at the agreed time and place for your first driving lesson. After brief introductions, your driving instructor in Barnsley will ask to see your driving licence photocard, and will ask you to pay for your driving lesson in advance. Then we check your eye sight. Next, your driving instructor will drive you to a safe place to begin your training. We'll swap seats so you are in the driving seat. Then you will learn what the controls do and the routines for moving away and stopping. Perhaps a family member or friend could demonstrate before your lesson. All our cars have dual controls so we can assist you with brakes and gear changes. But we cannot stop you from braking so we won't drive on busier roads until we are both confident! If your picking things up quickly, you may be able to drive home. Your objectives on your first time driving is to understand the basic controls, be able to move away/stop and drive home yourself. On finishing your lesson we will ask how you felt it went, explain what is next and book your next lesson. I bet you cannot wait!



For a great start - learn with superdriver!